Simple monetary system models and output.

... the world's problems of which are serious will not be solved by market forces alone nor even principally by them. Something else has to be done. (Economist, Wynne Godley: Interview of Wynne Godley — Part 2, 1:03, 2008)

This is a simple sectoral balances analysis that has government fiscal balance as decisive in stable credit economies. Government sector net financial credit creation is the stability allowing for change in commercial credit structures. Simply, change in government net financial assets that flow to a growing private domestic sector is determinant in whether commercial credit superstructures are well supported, or not.

There exists no consensus on what distribution and velocity of net financial asset creation will power a sustainable stable economy with evolving commercial credit structures over time. Net financial asset creation accelerates and decelerates. Frequently, the breaks are slammed — consequences ensue.


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